Friday, December 19, 2008

Color Scheme: Hot Pink and Dark Blue

I adore hot pink. Hot pink looks great with any color, but it is especially wonderful with dark blue. Sexy and bold.
Flickr user foto.phrend.

A still life done by flickr user Krysto_O. Krysto has a very interesting flickr set. He's got some great photos of his toy collection, arranged by color.

Apartment Therapy. I love this place. And dig that pink Togo sofa!

At the thrift store. The workers are so sweet there. They are used to me rearranging the vases and taking pictures.
In my apartment. I love that blue bottle.

My apartment, for today. Stay tuned, tomorrow is Saturday and it's going to be cold. That means staying inside and cleaning and rearranging. I adore the hot pink covers, but I am craving white again. I often experiment with color, but I always return to white.

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l e d o said...

cool blog! I can relate with your passion for design.


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