Monday, December 29, 2008

My Apartment - The Influences

I love experimenting with color. Especially with color combinations I never would have imagined look great, such as blue and orange, or purple and yellow. But, after a foray into color, I always return to white.

I also adore objects, love the thrill of a vintage or second hand store or flea market. I especially love groupings of geometric, simple objects like vases. But - I also adore minimalism. So decorating is always about balance for me. Here are some photos that are influencing me today.

I adore the minimal environment of the amazing organization expert, Laura Cattano. She has created a stylish home in an inhospitable 250 square foot apartment. The apartment is temporary, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't look great while she's there. And it is a marvel of organization, and her incredible style is evident. You simply must check it out. Laura's flickr set is here, and her web page is here.

There is something romantic about being able to quickly pick up and move. I miss the days when everything I owned fit in my car. I sometimes crave the nomadic existence of my earlier years. I sometimes feel bogged down by stuff.  I adore the restrained hand that is evident in her decor. Laura made the cute, simple bookcase.

She and I have something in common - a love of white pottery. I adore the artwork made by her nephew. I'd like to frame some of nephews' artwork.

She uses Tiffany boxes for storage. Nice solution, and nice pop of color.

I adore the curtain separating the sleeping area. I'd like to do this in my home. I have to admit I really don't like the Bertoia side chair. It looks nice and airy, but I'm funny about chairs, I love them, but I think that you should actually be able to sit in them. This chair is absolute torture to sit in. Looks cute, but is not functional, and when you are an organization expert, everything should be functional.

I have a specific aesthetic when it comes to bookcases. They should be merely functional, with no detailing so as not to compete with the books or objects they are holding. I seldom see bookcases I like and have been thinking of buying industrial bookcases.  I was totally convinced that industrial shelves are the way to go when I saw Abby Clawson Low's home on Design Sponge.

They look great! I love them.  I've already professed my love for white many times. I love white rooms with a pop of yellow.

I love this kitchen! This is one of those images - you know the kind - that makes me want to redo my entire apartment! Image from Shelton, Mindel & Associates.

It may be shabby chic (which I am totally over), but... I adore this room! Love the simplicity combined with the boldness of the yellow sofa cover. Image from flicker Ramonah.  I love yellow with white, pink, silver and grey. I am on the hunt for a piece of yellow art glass.

Image from ebay. I adore Blenko decanters.  Here are some pieces I bought at the Salvation Army. I spent about $12.00.

I also bought some silver Christmas ornaments.

And - as if I needed another obsession - I recently discovered a fasination for beads. This one is my sister-in-law's fault. She made the cutest napkin ring holders for Christmas. I'm thinking of making jewelry.

These beads are a present from my lovely friend Susan. Talk about your thoughtful and perfect gifts. I just have them hanging on a wall. I love them.

These are from Pat Catan's. Not sure what I'm going to make yet.  Time to move stuff around in my apartment! The trick is to use pretty objects, but not have it look cluttered. That means somethings will go in the closet. Always a difficult choice. Stay tuned.

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laura said...

peggy: so happy you found inspiration in my tiny apt and thanks for all the kind words. and i will agree that the bertoia chairs are torture! would love to have a nice round dining table or two actual comfy chairs in that spot but no point now that i am leaving.... we'll see what i need for the next place :)

i totally agree with you about bookcases. abby's are fantastic and are a perfect example of what i tell my clients; know what to save on so you can splurge on something else you really love.



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