Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mood Board or Dreaming of Darkly Romantic Home

Below I wrote about how a kitchen remodel has started me thinking about a gray floor. As you know, creativity influences creativity. From there my thoughts turned to decorating a room in dark colors, rather than my typical white. All day long while preparing boring legal documents, my head was filled with ideas for creating a sultry, darkly romantic, brooding space. A place where my lover and I would lounge and listen to the sounds of Leonard Cohen while sipping Colombian coffee.

The place would have to have lots of cozy places to lounge, lots of ottomans, and lots of covers and texture for the cold.

I adore the warmth, simplicity and coziness of Kat Heyes' place as seen on Design Sponge. I wonder how this room wood look if the walls were a light gray, and the floor a medium gray. Wish I knew how to do Photoshop.

After a stressful day, I decided to cheer myself by perusing favorite vintage store. I was still thinking of this romantic, brooding room. When I think of decorating a room, I always think of accessories. That is, the three Ps. Pottery, Pillows and Paintings. Here are some possibilities.

I never buy black pottery, but isn't that mid-century pitcher gorgeous?

Of course, I would need a shot of pink. This pillow would do the trick.

I've been writing a lot about creepy-cute lately. So, of course the paintings would have to be creepy-cute. I love this one of a ghostly cat looking at a little bird.

Images by Peggy.

Below I wrote about an artist I adore, named Belle. Her work is absolutely fascinating. Her new triptych would fit in this place perfectly. Isn't this gorgeous?

Now, of course, any room needs a totally groovy and unexpected lamp. This one from the vintage store may work. And I'd use very low watt bulbs to make the light ambient.

I love virtual decorating! I can have whatever I want. It's a whole lot cheaper, and takes up a lot less room. You never have to dust, nor worry about putting stuff in storage.

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SeanG said...

I like that first room a lot. Really what I want/need is a fake version of the animal skin/fur rugs. I'm opposed to them on principle and I'm allergic.


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