Sunday, November 23, 2008

A New Outfit for My Place (for under $100.00)

I read a boring article in a decorating magazine the other day about the virtues of decorating a place and not changing it. Boring. I love changing my apartment. It's like buying a new dress. And, of course, with a new dress you must have earrings and shoes - accessories make the outfit. After the awful renovation project I went through, I wanted a change. I decided I wanted hot pink, with blue.

My influence is this beautiful room from Marie Claire Maison, see previous post here.

And, of course, Anthony Hamilton had a hand in my decorating, as I described below. I was grooving to him as I painted the bookcase hot pink.

For my apartment's new outfit, I bought high gloss Behr fuchsia paint at Home Depot - $8.99. The lamp $19.99, sheets $14.99, comforter $29.99 all came from Target. The bottle came from a vintage store and was $10.00. Total cost $83.96 plus tax. Not bad for a new outfit.

So here's how the apartment looks today.

I moved the computer to the living room. I often watch movies on my computer, so now I have a comfy place to sit to watch movies. Thinking of getting rid of my TV. I hid the bed behind the bookcase. It's cozy and more private.

I think Andrea Heimer's new painting entitled "Roost" would look great in my place.

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kim. said...

Peggy your place looks FAB! So bright, perfect for winter when I just want to climb into a dark hole and die. LOL. You're making me ALMOST miss my pink cabinets.


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