Thursday, June 12, 2008

Color Scheme 1 - Raspberry and Light Blue

Today I am thinking of three distinct color schemes. The first is raspberry and light blue. With this color scheme, there would be accents of aqua and navy, and of course lots of white.

Remember this year's Domino winner? I wrote about her lovely room here. I love the way she combined fuchsia and blue. The perfect mix of warm and cool colors. While I dearly love fuchsia, lately I am falling in love with a different type of pink. A more berry-like pink. This color looks great with blue. Here are some skillful applications of this beautiful color scheme.

Isn't this the most beautiful bathroom you have ever seen? I adore this color scheme. Berry as the main color, and then several different blues as accent. Image from Marie Claire Maison via A Beautiful Living.

I adore the color of this sofa. The berry color looks fab with a lighter more aqua blue. Image from Marie Claire Maison. This site is totally addicting. One beautiful image after another. If you haven't checked it out yet, you must.

And just look at these pictures for a very skillful application of these colors. Makes me want to redo my apartment yet again!

These lovely rooms are from flickr user RetroMod. I believe RetroMod has used a combination of berry and aqua. I adore the way she carried the color scheme into the dining room with the cushions on her chairs. I also love her use of dark blue and black - love the dark blue sofa and the black panther on top of her cupboard. These are rooms I never would have done, but I just can't stop looking at them! They are so beautiful. And while they are bold, they are also restrained. It is often a temptation to go over the top when using bold color, but RetroMod has tempered her bold color choices with simple vintage furnishings. A fine accomplishment in decor.

If she had entered the Apartment Therapy Color Contest, she would have had my vote! RetroMod, thanks for being an inspiration!

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