Saturday, June 14, 2008


Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors.

Urn by Caroline Roehm.

Fenton glass available at ebay. This piece is a little ornate for my taste, but I love it. It would look great with my piece of blue fenton glass (see piece here) and placed on the Starck table light I wrote about below. I would love this juxtaposition of frilly and simple, fine and cheap, vintage and modern. Plus the lighted table would make this piece really pop.

Chartreuse kitchen from Alno as seen in advertisement in Dwell May 2006. Love it with the black and white tiles. Although I'd probably go over the top with this kitchen and paint the wall behind the sink hot pink.

I dig this industrial chic kitchen! It's one of my favorite kitchens of all time. I keep it in my inspiration folder for when I buy a loft. Love the combination of the chartreuse with the steel. Image from Australian Vogue Living September 2000.

And look at the beautiful color scheme, featuring chartreuse and olive from Emma Gardner Design. Emma Gardner is changing the way I think about rugs.

Image from Dwell Magazine, September 2006.

Accessories around my home. The coaster proves that chartreuse looks great with blue and periwinkle (another of my favorite colors). The toy in the middle was a gift from my nephew. Toys have become an important accessory around the house, so they might as well match your decor. This lovely proves that chartreuse looks great with pink and blue. On the right is an old painting of mine done on cardboard. A small amount of chartreuse looks great with pink and orange.

Dresser painted by Midcentury Jo at Desire to Inspire. I want it! Didn't she do a great job painting this? Man I'd love to put her and Kim to work in my place. This is also a superb example of styling.

While I can easily use chartreuse in my decor, I find I still am not very enamored with the color green. There was a time when I was not in love with orange and yellow and could never imagine using them. Could it be the same with green?

I decided to ask the experts at Desire to Inspire. If anyone knows of beautiful green rooms, they will. They are such good sports when you write to them. Stay tuned. Kim said they would do a post about green soon. Can't wait to see it. And I have no doubt that by the time they are done, I will love green.

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