Thursday, June 12, 2008

Color Scheme 2 - White/Pink/Yellow/Orange

This is the color scheme that most matches what I am doing in my apartment these days. Tons of white with accents of hot pink, yellow and orange. The cover of this month's Australian Vogue Living is a great example of this hot color scheme.

Below is a room from the August/September 2000 Vogue Living that I have in my predigital filing system. I wonder if the current cover is this room updated. This is one of my all time favorite rooms.

A large yellow vase would really pop in this room. It should be a fine traditional Asian vase like this one from Jcollector. I love the idea of this fine vase juxtaposed with the rustic touches of this room.

And maybe I'd add a red glass vase and some silver. That may be overdoing it, but I love silver and am dying to experiment with it.

This picture is actually an advertisement for a Hemingway Design wallpaper available at Burke Decor. Dig that groovy silver-leafed dresser! Want it! This would make a great stand for my flat screen TV. As a side note - my regular readers know that I am not a fan of wallpaper. But...well this wall paper is an exception. I think some of my new paintings would look cool hanging on this wallpaper. More on this topic to come.

I've shown you my dining room many times. I would love to add this candelabra from Urban Outfitters (which I've also showed you many times).

I keep watching it, and it never goes on sale. I may have to break down and buy it.

Or, I'd love to add a chandelier. Not sure what is happening to my style. Seems to be getting more girly. If you must have a chandelier, by all means it should be pink. Like this one from ABC Carpet and Home via flickr user Anniebee.

Here is another of my favorite rooms. Generally, I don't like rugs, but I love this one. Image from The Rug Company.

I'd like to take this room over the top. First, I'd swap the chandelier for the pink one above. Then I'd swap the painting for a bright yellow painting like this one. Image from Domino.

Then I'd add a hot pink pouf from Tazi Designs and a couple of yellow pillows from Target. I know I tend to overdo it with Target, but it really is the best place to find lush pillows at affordable prices.

The room still needs a touch of orange. Or maybe silver. What about this fab Buddha head from Bliss Living?

I want it! It's a candle, but I would never burn it. Hmm. Scratch that. Probably too much for this room. Editing is a very important part of decor. Sometimes we have to edit objects that we love.

Here is another room skillfully done in this color scheme. The only thing I would add is a yellow pillow.

Wohn Idee via Decor8.

Lastly, here is a picture of my red sofa purchased a couple of years ago at a vintage store for about $200.00. I know I'm guilty of overpillowfication, as Apartment Therapy calls it, but I don't care. I'd like to add a yellow pillow.

Like these, also from my favorite vintage store.

Of course, then I'd have to have a cool dress to wear when I serve iced tea to the lovely ladies in my yoga class. Because any fab girl knows she has to look as good as her decor. This little number from Lisa Perry should do the trick. And luckily, I have the perfect pair of orange flip flops to go with it.


Anonymous said...

as for overpillowfication, it does exist in some homes, but as far as your red sofa and the row of pillows, you've done a nice job in my opinion. if you get a yellow pillow, it should go on the far end, with the deep red one on the other end. then the medium colors should be in-between i.e. the hot pink, pink pattern, etc. and ending with yellow. as the row of pillows gets "lighter and lighter" from left to right, it is a cute artistic homage to "color gradients". a wikipedia search on "color gradient" to see what i'm talking about. thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

correction: my suggestion should read:
1. red stripe
2. hot pink
3. hot pink
4. orange
5. yellow
6. pink pattern

this would make the pillow row go from dark to light or light to dark (left to right or right to left, respectively)

Peggy said...

Anon - thank you for the suggestion! As I am always thinking of color, I will be sure to look up color gradient. I hope you will visit again!


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