Tuesday, June 17, 2008

These colors make me happy!

The most popular poster in the universe, now available in chartruese! sfgirlbybay.

Purse from etsy user Alamodestuff.

Darling hat from etsy user bonniesknitting. Would look great with this dress:

from etsy user thirteenleafclover.

Generally not into the whole cute thing with birds and deer, but this guy stole my heart. From etsy user runny bunni.

Gorgeous pillow from etsy user ouno.

Kim Westad in pink! What could be better? I want this!

Apologies to the ebay user who posted this, I cannot find the link. Maybe it's been sold. Certainly is groovy and I think everyone recognizes that this is LSA glass. Great color. Shoulda bought when these were available at Target.

Sake set from Judith Weber at the Guild.

Dishes from Mary Ann Davis at the Guild.

Who's that lady? From etsy user Kecky.

Beautiful room from my new favorite site. Marie Claire Maison.

Don't worry - be happy!

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