Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love of vases, ceramic and glass

I need to sign up for a pottery class. The signs are obvious. I obsess about vases and bottles. This weekend, I drew vases and am planning to do paintings of vases. I even discovered some new artists I would like to share with you. My first love is ceramics and porcelain, but I am also falling deeply in love with art glass. Here are some fine examples of all of the above. Enjoy!

Thank you to Elle Decoration, UK Edition for introducing me to the work of French ceramicist Georges Jouve (1910-1964). Images from Jousse Entreprise.

Thank you also to ED, UK for introducing me to the Fabbriche collection by Rosaria Rattin for Kose. She designed the fuchsia vase above. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it! Hot pink is my absolute favorite color, and finding a modern vase in this color is difficult. I adore it paired with a more vintage looking Chinese, as well as the warm color combined with cool. (This is a color scheme I've written about quite a bit.)

I had some difficulty finding more of her vases. I love them! Wish they were available in the U.S. I want them all. They appear to be matte finish, which is my favorite.

This image came from a Chinese blog (link). Simply beautiful.

Thank you to Vogue Living Australia for introducing me to the incredible work of Robin Best. Ms. Best has a deep reverence for the ancient Chinese traditions. She crafts vessels influenced by this tradition and pairs them with her modern vessels. I am in awe of her craftsmanship. She is also making me rethink the placement of my vases. Though I generally do not like patterns, I adore the way they pop against the white simple forms.

Images from Ceramics, Art & Perception.

I am mixing glass and ceramics more. I never thought anyone could rival my love of Blenko, but Joe Cariati is doing just that. I am insanely in love with his glass works.

I love his take on the popular vintage barber shop bottle.

Yep. It was a good weekend.

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Lovely! i would really like some of those!


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