Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Apartment - Color Influences

Influence for the color scheme in my apartment came from the April 2007 Domino Magazine. I absolutely adored the Prada layout. I love the royal blue, orange, pink and violet, with plenty of white. When I saw this cover, I wanted a royal blue sofa badly.

I saw this sofa in a vintage store, and I passed on it. It still haunts me. I first wrote about this sofa here. Just as well I guess, when I win the lottery I'm going to buy a sectional.

Back to the Prada spread. Love those colors with the white walls and white pottery on the mantel. Also love the low scale furnishings with the high ceilings. They used a lot of color here and still achieved simplicity.

Love orange, royal blue, fuchsia and violet together!

I adore this Haviland Laque de Chine coffeepot, teacup and saucer! What a beautiful color.

I was also inspired by this year's Domino Contest winner. Love how she combines cool and warm colors.

Designer Frank Roop provided inspiration in the March 2005 House Beautiful. He is the first designer to make me crave sensual textiles, and Moroccan influence.

I adore that corner sofa!

Since I am on the topic of colors, I had to show this adorable picture of Naomi Campbell for Louis Vuitton that was on yahoo today (link). I adore these colors. This photo may inspire a new painting. Love the saturated colors. Dig that shoe. Dig that dress.

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