Sunday, January 27, 2008

I want to meet

I love that Starbucks carries books and music. One morning while waiting for my coffee I found myself drawn to Marcus Samuelsson's book. I don't cook, but I enjoy cook books. Sounds crazy, I know. I guess it's the same reason I like decorating books. One can dream, right?

Image from Amazon. The first chance I got, I looked him up on the internet. To say that Samuelsson is a strong-willed person is an understatement. The hardship he has overcome to forge a creative life leaves me humbled. When I travel to New York, Aquavit is on my list of places to visit.

Shortly thereafter, I was thrilled to see Samuelsson featured in Domino magazine. He's got incredible style and a great apartment. And he paints! I adore this shot of him surrounded by his paintings. I have looked at this picture many times, and it makes me happy. I dig his cool confidence. That smile, that body language, he's definitely comfortable with himself. And the blue shoes with no socks - undeniably chic. I've gotta crush.

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