Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog Envy

There are so many wonderful artists on the internet. Diana Fayt is one of my favorites. I never cease to amaze at her creativity and how prolific she is. This weekend I discovered her new blog called Muci Muci. This blog will definitely be added to my blog list, but more than that. Muci Muci is now part of my daily read. This blog is poetry. It's cerebral and succinct. It's still very new so it will be fun to watch it unravel. The blog seems to be dedicated to her free-spirited, fearless aunt. I must say when I looked at this blog, I felt envious. Kind of like when we look at others' homes. I wished my blog were more like this. It's soft and restrained and not bogged down by so many words.

Here's a fascinating piece from her blog. Diana asks if we wear our emotions on our sleeve. This piece caused me stop and think. About my father, and the mysterious things he used to say to me that I am only now beginning to understand. It also made me think about garbage and how many of the things we throw away can become art. Strange, I know. My brain just works like that, always trying to connect the seemingly unrelated.

I adore the graphic art of Starbucks. I think they should commission Diana to design their sleeves. Although, my guess is that Diana's too busy trying to keep up with her immense creativity as it is.

Great work Diana! Thanks for being an inspiration! xxoo

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