Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Apartment - Collections

Below I showed the new loot I bought for my apartment. One of the things I bought was a vintage plastic planter. When I bought it, I had specific plans for it. To display my postcard collection.

I have a collection of promotional postcards. They are all very fine examples of graphic art, which I adore. I pick them up at galleries, specialty shops and even off the street. I also have some vintage Buddhist postcards.

Aren't these Bon Bon postcards cute! I bought these at a garage sale for $.10 each. I'm going to frame them.

I have framed a few of my postcards.

Did this myself. Mounted them on graph paper, and the frame was $1.99 at the Salvation Army. Not as good as custom framing, but a lot cheaper. My favorite blue bottle was also purchased at the Salvation Army.

Sometimes I enlarge the postcards before framing them. I'd like to experiment with the Rasterbator.

The new planter holds my post card collection in my office area.

The shelf was found on the curb and is on my long-list-of-DIY-projects-that-I'm-too-lazy-to- do. I'd like to spray paint it white.

Another fine example of graphic art are urban toys. These have become an obsession for me. (As if I needed another obsession!) I have some of my collection on the window sill in my office area. These help tap into my creativity, but I'm not going to buy anymore. I swear! If I need a fix, I can just visit the sites of fellow flickr users who are obsessed by toys. Collecting images takes up less space and costs a lot less!

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