Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On a Mission for Orange (and everything that goes with it)

Oh boy! I have a happy decorating dilemma to occupy my mind. What could be better? SNL sent an email asking about the possibility of adding orange vases to the display in her entryway. I can contemplate this kind of thing all day, and it really eases the pain of my mundane job. Orange is a color I dearly love, so I am excited!
The search for orange vases began. Typically, SNL likes ceramic, but I wondered if she would be interested in adding glass. Especially cased glass. Or vintage Italian glass, which seems to be all the rage right now. An ebay search for orange vases turned up these beauties.

Vintage Holmegaard cased glass. Yummy!

Vintage Carlo Moretti for Rosenthal Netter. I'm sure any lover of mid-century modern recognizes this vase. I'm in love. I don't have an ebay membership, but this vase is making me think I should. I don't want to start another addiction!

More ebay vases. Or what about this vintage compote and candy dish from Etsy shop Blue Bell Bazzar? Cute!

Omigosh, look at these amazing vases by the Spiral Collection. They are made of paper! Available at Home Portfolio.

I adore the combination of orange and red. I know SNL loves red too, wonder if she would like these. The middle vase has cool geometry and a pop of white, which is always needed when doing something graphic. I just had to include the blue one. Not for SNL's entryway, but for me! I love it! And speaking of red, look at this incredibly gorgeous red vase from Hip and Zen.

On sale for $40.00! Had been $138.00. Love it!

I also adore the Paloma vases from CB2, for a pop of white. Maybe I should give her my orange glass vase that I bought from White Candle Barn about two years ago (on sale for $7.99). Wish I knew someone who made lamps out of vases, I think this would be a groovy lamp.

In my quest, I did something old-fashioned. I went physical shopping - that's right in a car! This is a dangerous this time of year because everything is on sale. Here are some of the vases I saw.

These were on sale for $10.00 each. Wonder if she would like that sort of brick orange.

Since after Christmas clearance is going on, there was a ton of red. Here's a turquoise vase that tempted me greatly. On sale for $15.00, was $30.00. Love the matte finish.

I wonder if SNL would like a lamp for her entryway. I saw a really groovy orange lamp in a shop window. Looks more like my style though.

I should probably check my old standbys, Target and Pier 1. Although currently I'm boycotting Pier 1. They don't sell online anymore and all the shops in my area closed. This is also why I don't buy from Ikea. It's hard to believe such well-established stores would not have online sales in this technological age.

Target can always be relied upon. Beautiful, tall orange cased glass vase, and hurricane with orange crystals. I love those bowls, and there's more of the red and orange combination. All are $49.99, more than I would spend, but they are beautiful.

Pier 1 didn't have any orange vases, but they did have these cute red glass vases, they are huge! Oversized vases seem to be the rage right now. I think these would make adorable lamps. Again, I have to find someone who makes pottery into lamps. I imagine it would require a skilled craftsman to cut a hole in a vase. They also had these cute vases, which I find tempting. I love turquoise, and they would look adorable in my place, except I am limiting my collection of pottery by not buying pieces with patterns.

During my happy search, I found a cute blog called How About Orange. I'll be adding this to my blog links.

So how about it? How about orange? The next time you are feeling blue, think about orange!

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