Monday, January 7, 2008

My Apartment

This weekend, I did my favorite thing. I worked on my apartment. Here is what my living area looks like right now. Over the next few days, I'd like to share my apartment and detail how it has evolved.

This is what it looked like in October. I was not happy with this scheme, as I wrote about here. It all started with this rug. I don't really like rugs, but find them necessary to help with the chill. Naturally, I don't want to spend a lot of money on a rug, so I couldn't pass up this cranberry rug at Target. Only $12.99! This scheme just doesn't work. I love the sofa, but not the color.


kim. said...

Love the redo Peggy! Love all the white and the pops of colour - the pink and cranberry are awesome. My only thing is the screen makes the space look dark. Maybe if you moved it to the TV corner?

Peggy said...

Kim, I think it looks dark because I used natural lighting and it was a gray winter day. That's part of the reason that I painted it white. Sometimes I only see the sun on the weekends

I think the shoji screen makes it look dark too, but it's hiding the air conditioning and provides a little draft control. I'm hoping to replace the TV with a flat screen.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute!

What if you switched the screen with the bookshelf next to the TV? Then you could still hide the air conditioner (stick some objects on top of the bookshelf if you need to), and it would seem more balanced. You could actually hide the TV that way if you wanted to, until you get a flat screen! ;)

Peggy said...

I actually want to redo the screen - paint it white and replace the rice paper with fabric. But I am lazy!

kim. said...

Ah - didn't realize you were hiding the AC with the screen. You shoudl totally redo it with fabric! Sounds like a fun project (that I would put off forever too)!


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