Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Apartment - Moving Stuff Around

Nothing makes me happier than putzing around in my apartment. When I bring in something new, it affects everything else, and everything gets moved to accommodate the new piece.

Bringing home a new vase is a wonderful experience. My new vase had been sitting lonely and dusty on a self for a long time, in fact I first wrote about this vase, here. I've been watching this vase for about a year waiting for the price to come down. The first thing I did when I got it home was give it a bath.

Washing a piece of pottery is an incredibly sensual tactile experience. I find washing vases to be meditational. Seeing shine replace what had been dusty brings great joy. I never cease to marvel at the artistry that goes into making pottery. I get so much joy from washing a new piece, that the rest of the pieces get a bath before finding their new location. Even the Buddha.

It seems my love of minimalism and my love of pottery are in dissonance with each other. The way I reconcile this dissonance is to collect pottery of simple forms. No patterns, and of course, white. I continually edit my collection, a small stash stays in the closet for when I want to change things around. And clutter just won't do. To cut down on clutter, I display my pottery vertically.

My brother built this room divider. It needs a little repair because of the building settling. Behind the divider is my office. I hung a curtain because I wanted to block the office from view. I never cease to marvel at the geometric forms.

The amber Buddha head has a place of prominence on the heater, with prayer beads and a couple of my paintings.

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Sas said...

What a lovely post!

I like the amber Buddha head and also the white one in combination with your pottery collection and paintings :)



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