Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pottery Jones

I am a pottery junkie. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. If you read my blog you will learn this about me. And if I have my way, you will be infected with pottery addiction. I love pottery. Love it. But over the years from buying, trading, selling, giving and collecting pottery, I've acquired a very specific aesthetic when it comes to pottery. First, I like it white. And in simple shapes. And I like it in a matte finish. Very hard to find.

These Haeger pieces were spotted in a vintage store. Usually I don't like texture, but I loved these.

I didn't buy these even though I wanted to. They were expensive. The round one was $38.00 and the tall one was $48.00. I've gotten spoiled because I've found many fine pieces at the Salvation Army.

I've been on a thing diet lately. I've been trying not to buy anything new, but rather learn to love the things that I have. Like most people, I have plenty. But it is still fun to look, and a great piece of pottery will still catch my eye.

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Vineeta said...

this 'thing diet' is a brilliant concept. i think all of us must go on it once in a while. Sometime back i read Decor8, & holly expressed similar views on this endless buying, acquiring. but eyecany is eyecandy & we must all have unlimited amounts of it :)the pottery picture supplies enough of it :)


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