Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pottery Jones

I'm still trying to stay on a thing diet. I've come to realize it's the hunt that is so fun. Even though there are so many beautiful pieces of pottery, more doesn't necessarily make me happy. 100 vases doesn't make me happier than 1 vase. In fact, I am happiest when my place is sparse and simple. Photographing, drawing and painting helps ease this addiction. I wish I could add making pottery to that list. Maybe I should take a pottery class.

These beautiful pieces were spotted in a lovely store called My Secret Closet. They are out of my budget, but I love them all. I especially love the pink imperial vases and the white porcelain ginger jar. It is hard to believe that the shiny silver pieces are actually ceramic. I think this is a new process, I've only seen it in the last couple of years.

1 comment:

Vineeta said...

oohh.. let me tell u which of this lot i like the best! i love the white latticed one- the 1st then i also loved the peach (bowl?) with while flowers on it. and the black & white ones at the bottom were so sexy! im not really into pottery- but looks like u'll make a convert out of me :)


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