Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fred, Don, Don and the Ugly Dining Room Set

We have a large Salvation Army in our city and their thrift store is the best. They do a great job with display. I've bought pottery, dishes and furniture there. So, even though I am on a thing diet I went there the other day. I had no intention to buy. I just wanted to be out and enjoy looking.

I've gotten in the habit of carrying my camera everywhere with me, so I find that collecting images can be just as satisfying as collecting objects. Sure takes up a lot less room too.

I snapped a lot of pictures of cute things which I posted on my flickr site.

The most interesting thing I saw that day was probably the ugliest dining room set I've ever seen.

I said to Fred:
"Hey, Fred, isn't that the ugliest dining room set you've ever seen?" He said, "I dunno, I think I could see it in a sci fi movie." Hmm. "Like 2001?" I said. "Yeah." Hmm. I love movie sets. Wish I'd thought of that. I contemplated the set once again. I think I could see it spray painted white. Of course everything looks better spray painted white. And perhaps in a very large loft-like room with no trim or detailing. Yeah, just a white room and this white set. As I was picturing Tilda Swinton as the Queen of Narnia sitting there, along walked Don with his cup o' joe.

Don was a very jovial guy and got right into the spirit of the conversation. I asked him if he thought the set was ugly. "Nah," he said, "It's a great conversation piece." Hmm. Indeed, we were having a very pleasant conversation about it. He said he'd love to have it in his place just so people could talk about it. And it would be a great place to play bingo, he added. Since Tilda was no where to be found, Don obligingly posed for me with his java and shit-eating grin. He said, "Hey, I'm not going to be on the internet am I?" "Yeah," I said, "Do you mind?" "Nah," he said.

As I walked out Don No. 2, who had listened to our conversation, asked if he could pose for me. Of course!

It's amazing how fun it is to go anywhere with a camera. I guess everyone has the same need, the need for self-expression. It was a very fine day at the Salvation Army. And I started to think differently about that little set. Perhaps it was an ugly duckling and a can of white spray paint could transform it into a swan.

And, oh yeah, since I want to share my artwork with you, here's a painting I did one day while contemplating swans:

Dance of Swans, 2006

24" x 24", acrylic on canvas


Vineeta said...

Peggy, Its up! how exciting! :) u know what- i dont find it ugly at all! its most interesting. ya- i probably wouldn't pick it for myself. but its certainly not ugly. and i would leave it as it is- no spray paint. but i found very neat is your conclusion anout ugly ducklings turning into swans & finishing it off with that gorgeous swan painting! very good thought & very good work :)!

kim. said...

This cracked me up. The Salvation Army stores here are terrible (haven't been in one on years though)...but it seems like fun just to see the characters who shop there! (And the totally wacky dining room sets)


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