Monday, July 30, 2007

Klimt and the Lake Erie Sky

I love Klimt's work, especially his paintings of women. I think many people have seen his work in fashion magazines and greeting cards, and not even known who the artist was. His work is everywhere. The Klimt woman is wrapped in mosiacs and full of romantic mystery.

The best thing about heading west on the way home from work is the Lake Erie sky. Lake Erie has the most beautiful sunsets. Every night the sky is a treat of pink, blue, purple and orange. Never the same.

I once kissed a man who was much taller than me under that sky. As he held me, I imagined that I was the woman in Klimt's painting, and instead of Klimt's mosaic quilt enveloping me, I was enveloped by the beautiful Erie sky.

The Kiss or Dark Angel, 2004
18" x 24", acrylic on canvas

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Vineeta said...

Klimt!!!! im a total diehard absolute Klimt fan! i love his work. i think he was an inherent graphic designer. he really pushed the limits. and created such a body of stylised gorgeousness.


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