Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pink, the Most Perfect Color

Pink is the most perfect color in the world. It goes with everything and it looks good on every one. Whenever I decorate a room, or start a new painting, it always begins with pink. I can spend the whole day contemplating the many permutations of pink.

One time at Home Depot, I discovered that Behr paint had about 200 shades of pink. (I love Behr paint, in fact when I am struggling with mixing a color, I use their paint cards as a guide, but that's for a later post.)

I happen to be really partial to fushia and even had my apartment painted fushia. See earlier post.

When I saw this great pic on MetHome, I was sorry I painted my place white. (I know, I am ill.)

Pink looks great with turquoise.

Satin sheets by Urban Outfitters. I want these!

The lovely Nicole at Making it Lovely has proven that Pink Loves Brown.

Yvonne at Yvestown has proven that pink looks great with green.

I am sure most bloggers have seen Nicole and Yvonne's lovely homes, but if you haven't check them out. You are in for a treat!

Lately, my favorite combination is pink and orange.

Thank you, Holly, for featuring this picture on your delightful blog, Decor8, and thank you for being a constant source of inspiration.

Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things proved that pink looks great with yellow during her pink and yellow week. Thank you, Anna for featuring my painting on your blog.

Love, 2006, 25" x 12", acrylic, pencil and marker on canvas. This painting was inspired by posted notes.

Here is another pink and yellow painting I did recently. I think this would look great in Jessie's home. See Jessie's home at My Mod Style.

Yellow Vases, 2007, 8" x 24", acrylic and marker on canvas
I accidentally painted outside the lines on this one. Oh well, once again learning to live with imperfections and just accept them as part of the process.

What color do you like best with pink?


Vineeta said...

fushia. give me bright fushia anyday. like u said, pink works amazingly well with both turquoise and orange. my vote would go to fushia and orange :) u know my weakness for the latter dont you :)

PrincessSteph said...

I love the fushia. Love love love it. I ones saw an apartment that was painted all pink and was searching online and found yours. What Behr color paint is it??? I think that I need to paint my living room that color. Thanks. Princess Steph


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