Sunday, July 22, 2007

Baby, It's OK to Color Outside the Lines

I had a really really mean kindergarten teacher. Mrs. VanSickle. It is a testament to her meanness that I can remember her name 40 years later. One day upon arriving home from kindergarten, I was sporting a very large, stinging red welt on my cheek. Yes, in those days physical violence was allowed in the schools. Mrs. V had slapped me silly that day.

My infraction? I had the gall and audacity to color my duck blue. To make matters worse, I had colored outside the lines. I still remember the pleasure I got doing that. It wasn't that I was sloppy. I actually enjoyed coloring outside the lines.

After that fateful day I was terrified to color outside the lines. So much so that I was very constrained in my creativity. Somewhere along the line I came to realize that everyone is creative, and there should not be any constraints on creativity.
I began purposely breaking the rules in my painting, which was easy to do since I can't draw. Perspective and precision were thrown out as I attempted to leave my perfectionistic tendencies behind. I actually began to derive an almost perverse pleasure at purposely coloring outside the lines.

Ms. V. - I owe you a debt of gratitude. Sometimes it takes a slap in the face for me to listen to my intuition. I really enjoy coloring outside the lines and I owe it all to you. Sometimes the meanest people in our lives are there to teach us the most profound lessons.

I don't paint blue ducks these days, but I do paint blue flowers. Mrs. V. these are for you. Oh, and I threw in some pink ones for good measure.

Big Blue Flower, 2007
30" x 16" Behr wall paint and marker on canvas - SOLD

Big Pink Flower, 2007
24" x 24", Behr wall paint and marker on canvas

Blue Flower, 2006
16" x 20", acrylic and marker on canvas

Pink Flowers on Blue Background, 2006
16" x 20", acrylic and marker on canvas - SOLD

Blue Flowers, 2006

24" x 24", acrylic and marker on canvas - SOLD


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Mrs. V? Her paintings are LOVELY. How funny, my husband looked at me strangely for teaching my daughter that sometimes the sky is pink and not blue. I just think we need to think (as well as draw!) outside the lines sometimes.

Vineeta said...

this takes me right back to my kindergarden- where all the other kids coloured the mango green when i was absorbed in shading mine with yellow & orange. in mycase i dont remember what the teacher said- but all the other kids smugly informed me that mine was 'wrong'. i was most upset. when i think back- i just feel how sensitive we were as children & how we tend to forget that when we grow up.


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