Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yellow's Okay Too

I was very excited when I read Holly's post regarding orange. Orange is a color I have been using a lot of lately. It's strange because a couple years ago I would've told you I didn't like orange. Now I love it. See my flickr site for more on my decorating with orange.

When I wrote to Holly, I remember thinking, what's next? Yellow? Because I have never been a fan of yellow. Well, guess what? I am looking at yellow differently lately. And it's mainly because of Jessie at My Mod Style. She mentioned how she would have to convince her inlaws that yellow, red and white look great together. I am sure they will need no convincing, as the room will be beautiful. Just look at the rooms that Jessie has designed. They are awesome.

Now, I don't want to bring any yellow into my home, because I don't want to start a new wave of decor, but I felt very inspired when I read this. I am beginning to realize how much fun it must be to own more than one home. Oh boy, two homes to decorate! Oh boy, two homes to have design schizophrenia over. Scratch that. It would be more fun to design for other people.

Anyway, Jessie inspired me. And here are a couple of things I would buy for her if I were decorating her house, in addition to the painting I talked about earlier here.

Pillow at my favorite vintage store. $24.99

Italian glass vase at Salvation Army, $4.99

And, Jessie, here's an outfit you can wear when the inlaws come to visit. You will be smashing! Outfit from Urban Outfitters.


Jessie said...

Oh, I love urban outfitters!!! I still haven't bought anything from them,..but it will happen. ;) I can't wait to paint YELLOW! Which used to be a color I never thought I would like!!!! along with orange. Which I will have both colors in my new mid century home!! woohoo for color!!!

Vineeta said...

i love yellow, orange, red, all the warm colours. In my previous place which i had rented and therefore couldnt paint as i pleased, i used bright yellow wallpaper on one wall & had blue accents. It worked really well.


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