Saturday, July 21, 2007

Broken Diets, Broken Vases

This beautiful vase was my all time favorite. It was $48.00 about four years ago, the most I have ever spent on a vase. I usually pick up vases at the Salvation Army for about $1.99 or at second hand stores. This one came from my favorite vintage store which I will be writing about frequently in this blog.

Everyone I infected with the pottery sickness coveted this vase. I mean look at it. It is perfection. The vase was white with a matte finish. Anyone who loves pottery knows how difficult this is to find reasonably priced. Most pottery is either off-white, ivory, or glossy.
Portuguese is my very favorite pottery, followed by Vietnamese, German, then Italian..... I guessed that it was Portuguese because it had no markings.

I broke this vase. My rambunctious nephews have never broken any of my pottery, and I've allowed them to handle any piece they desired. Afterall, pottery is meant to be handled, and it is a wonderful tactile experience.

This is the only piece I've ever broken. I found it ironic that the only piece I have ever broken (even though I've moved often and sold many pieces) was my favorite. Oh well, even though it was my favorite I didn't get upset. I don't get upset at at the loss of things. They come and go. And the more things I let go, the more things come. When I dropped it, I just swept it up and thanked it for serving me.

And speaking of breaking things, I broke my thing diet the other day. But what's a girl to do? It couldn't be helped - I spotted a white, matte, Portuguese vase in a vintage store, so I didn't hesitate. The little beauty was only $18.00 so I snatched it up without a thought.

Playing with a new vase is a lot of fun, it's like sculpting.

Here it is with a bowl from Asa Selection that is also white and matte. This bowl was $24.00 about two years ago (which I think is expensive for a bowl). I love Asa Selection, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I can always start my diet again tomorrow.

And, oh yes, here's a couple of my paintings of vases.

Orange Vases, 2005. 11" x 14", acrylic on marker on paper.

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Vineeta said...

i like the name & concept of this post and the way you've ended with your paintings- i detect a certain style forming :) i also thought it was a nice concept to thank an object for serving you well, as long as it did instead of getting upset when it breaks.


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