Thursday, July 19, 2007

Children Are Our Teachers

I love children's art. When a child sits down to create, they do it earnestly. There is no self-judgment nor are there any notions that some colors don't go well together, no preconceived notions. No shoulds. Just absolute freedom and abandon. Children are our teachers. Watch a child create. There is no greater joy. Somewhere in their path to adulthood, children have this absolute freedom and joy pounded out of them. I think that's sad. I believe everyone is creative and everyone should be encouraged to create. Creation is life. I know when I am creating and not imposing my perfectionistic garbage on myself, when I am really creating with abandon and not judging - that is when I am happiest. The key is not to judge your creations but to just create with joy, like we did when we were children.

My nephews are a constant source of joy and inspiration for me. I love watching them create. Here are a few of the masterpieces they have created.

G.P. created this when he was five. He is fascinated with rollercoasters. He told me that this picture was he and I on a rollercoaster. Note the fab hat he gave me.

The following are all created by his younger brother, G.G.

This is my favorite picture of me. G.G. said it's me under a rainbow. Doesn't my hair look lovely?

The following was created by a coworker's daughter, who knew I love mermaids. She cleverly pointed out that my intitials "MER," are actually short for mermaid and even invented the City of MER in this beautiful drawing.

I first noticed Korean artist Yeondoo Jung's fascinating work in a travel magazine which I stole from a local diner. He has a wonderful blog called Blue Sloth. Jung brings children's art to life.

Below is a picture of Snow White and his reinterpretation of it.

I love it, love it, love it! I would love to see his interpretations of my nephews' work.

In my own collage and multi-media work, I have used the most perfect of all icons, the stick figure.

Community Too, 1999, 14" x 8", Mixed Media. I think Jung could have some fun with this one too.

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Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see the kid's artwork. The greatest time spent in my life is playing a game or coloring with my boys to forget about the worries and stress of being an adult. The next time I color with them, I will color outside the lines just because.....:)


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