Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Simple Forms of Stefanie Hering

Yesterday I wrote quite a bit about orange. Today my thoughts are occupied by white. I love color, but I always return to white. White, simple forms are my favorite. And Stefanie Hering is a master of simple, elegant porcelain forms. I just can't look at her work enough. Even though I have only seen digital representations of her work, the mastery shines through. These are subtle, quiet works. Perfect in their gentle dignity. These are pieces that beg to be touched.

Stefanie Hering at Rose and Radish. Don't these make you want to curl up with a good cup of tea, watching gentle snow through your window as you are nestled up in your favorite comforter?

I want to touch this piece. Marvelous form. Stefanie Hering at Tendenzen-Goldshmiede.

Stefanie Hering at Artedona. Look at the stunning beauty of this vessel, and such amazing balance! Only a highly skilled artisan can pull off such a feat.

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