Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Color Obsession

Color. For me it is an obsession. Thoughts of color help me get through my mundane existence. A color tenaciously invades my brain, then I feel compelled to reconcile it with other colors. Over the past couple of years, I have been in love with saturated colors. Always with large doses of white. Fuchsia has been my longtime favorite, and I adore it paired with periwinkle.

Last year I was surprised when I fell in love with orange and blue. Recently, I fell deeply in love with turquoise and raspberry. And now another surprise - lilac.

Lilac is obsessing me. But how to reconcile this color with turquoise? These thoughts, as well as a purple pillow I spotted (but did not buy) occupied my mind as I worked on this painting last night. I think more paint will be added, but I couldn't help but experiment with placement. I went to my stash and pulled out a studio piece.

Then I added my turquoise vase from Target and a lilac vase from India bought at a garage sale.

The pink and orange swirly pillow will definitely be edited out. I love it though, so it can go on my bed.

Leave it to Holly at Decor8. She finds something to inspire me on a daily basis. Last week I discovered the fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier via her wonderful blog.

These colors have been haunting me! How gorgeous. Not really saturated, but sort of washed saturated. And look at that picture on the bottom right. Purple lips, fuchsia outfit, turquoise and red background! Amazing! And somehow he's achieved a softness with very dramatic colors. A fine accomplishment indeed.

Last night I tried to mix the color Demarchelier used to the bottom right. I came up with a lovely raspberry color (below), but I will probably add more paint. I'd like to achieve a more washed, subtle look. I can't wait for the weekend, here are the art projects I want to complete.

One is a large canvas that I am sure will be inspired by Demarchelier's work. I used to be intimidated by large canvases, but now I love them! They are so addicting, I want to work on even larger ones.
Who knows what my apartment will look like when I am done this weekend. Is it Friday yet?


Vineeta said...

WOW! Thats a fantastic palette Peggy :) Those colours look luscious! All the best for the weekend! But now you have one more thing to do- You've been tagged!
DO write about yourself & check my blog for the details on how :)

Green Mirchi said...

Hi Peggy,
just came across your blog. Its really nice. I am adding you to my list.

Peggy said...

Pacchai - thank you for visiting! I hope you will come back often. I will definitely check out your blog.


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