Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The heavens are conspiring to cheer me up. Below I wrote about a piece of Fenton glass my favorite shop owner gave me today. Then look at what greeted me in my mailbox!

A gift card from CB2! Here's what happened. Remember the Ambria vase I ordered (previous post)? It arrived in fine condition, and it is beautiful. See pictures of it on my flickr set. However, I had some difficulty with UPS. I wrote to CB2 to inform them they should not pay UPS. I didn't ask for a refund, I love the vase. But with gas prices like they are, we rely upon UPS, FedEx and the post office. Well, they refunded my shipping costs and sent me a gift card! Imagine that. It really wasn't necessary, but thanks CB2! What great customer service. It's burning a hole in my pocket, so I might as well check out their site now.

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Anonymous said...

CB2! I love them. Especially the clothespin chopsticks.


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