Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pottery Jones

Tonk said I hadn't written about pottery in a while and he'd like to see a post on pottery. So, Tonk this one is dedicated to you. Pottery is a never-ending fascination for me.

I've written much about the senuous, tactile experience of pottery. Holding a piece in your hand, is exquisite. I've being wanting to experiment with strategic breaking of certain pieces, and then I saw this marvelous piece called Fragile designed by Mey Kahn and Boaz Kahn via The Style Files.

This piece is intended to be broken by the user, making each piece unique. The two pieces become salt and pepper shakers. I probably wouldn't use them, as there would be a danger of slivers of ceramic getting in food. However, I would display these prominently on a shelf as the amazing art that they are.

So I decided to play with pottery today. The Fragile design inspired me to break one of my vases. Afterall, I'm not a purist. And art requires brave experiments.

Everything about this vase was perfect, except the neck as it was off center. It has a beautiful matte finish unique to Portuguese pottery. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and took a hammer to the neck. I was terrified, but it broke beautifully. I like how it looks like an egg.

I rearranged. Mixing glass and ceramic pieces.

This vase seems to be a good place to display my prayer beads.

This piece was a gift, and is a little different than my ususal aesthetic. Normally, I prefer vases of elemental shape. However, I am intrigued by the organic shape, and it is a beautiful white. Since CB2 was so kind to send me a gift card, I decided to order the Wilma bowl. I think it will look cute sitting next to this organic vase, and grey is a color I am beginning to appreciate.

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Vineeta said...

Peggy, trust you to bring us the most interesting in pottery! I love the concept of break and use- but u r right its slightly scary- but an amazing idea.


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