Friday, February 15, 2008

Is it pottery or is it sculpture?

It's both! I adore these new ceramic works by Paloma's Nest. So much so that I would like to design a room around them. These unique artworks lend themselves to so many interpretations. Perhaps they are inspired by undersea creatures, or perhaps they are alien spacecraft. Whatever the inspiration, they are funky and fun.

I could see these vases paired with African or Aboriginal sculpture. Or perhaps in a room designed by Victor Vetterlein with some of his funky lighting.

I could also see the vases in a room designed by Vincent Wolfe. Wolfe's designs tend toward clean, traditional rooms with pops of primitive art. I adore the sculptural elements in this room via Desire to Inspire. The Paloma's Nest vases would look great in here!

I could also see them in these wonderful rooms designed by Frank Roop. I adore Roop's designs. I could see the vases on the mantel here or on the shelf below. Roop always features the most wonderful paintings, I wonder if he is a painter.

I hope these sculptural vases garner a lot of attention. It would be so fun to see them appear in decorating magazines. Or, even in my own home.

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Sas said...

Wow Peggy, what a beautiful post, I loved it :))

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful art items with us :))



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