Monday, February 11, 2008

The Result of My Spring Cleaning

My apartment. I love it even though it is small. I want it to be beautiful, simple, serene but with a little bit of an edge. Here is the result of my weekend of cleaning, rearranging and ruthless editing.

I've been in the mood for orange lately. I'm thinking of buying some orange sheers from Target.

New painting, echoing my desire for simplicity. Candle holder has a jasmine candle in it. By placing this on the heater, the whole place smells lightly of jasmine. It's yummy.

Sleeping area with new painting and table. You can't tell in this picture, but the painting is very shiny.
The pink doors and one of SNL's favorite of my paintings.

A vignette from my office shelf. In my office area, I keep some witty items to aid with creativity.

My dining area. I love my new pillows!

And here it is! The smallest kitchen in the world! And, Kim, you thought you had an ugly kitchen! I've been meaning to paint the cupboards for a long time, but I am lazy. Lazy! On the plus side, there is a ton of storage in here. On the negative is a monstrosity masquerading as a stove. Such a shame to pop that ugly thing in there, there is still a cute vintage cook top. Also on the plus side, I have the greatest landlord. He just replaced the sink and the floor. I love my new floor. Wish I could paint my wood floors white! If I owned this place, I would tear out the wall to open the kitchen to the living room. I would also tear out the top cupboards and replace them with shelves. Here are a couple of vignettes from my kitchen. It's so small, I can't seem to photograph the whole thing!

A shelf above my sink. There was a scrap left over of the pink vinyl, so I framed it.

I adore the vintage linoleum on the counter. The plate is one of my landing strips for keys, cell phone, etc.
Another vintage detail. The remains from a garbage disposal. The vases hold change. When the blue one is full, I buy something for the apartment.

Thank you for taking this tour of my humble abode. It is small, but I love it. And I am proud to say that it is a marvel of organization. I do hope to move to a larger, more modern place later in the year.


kim. said...

Your place looks fabulous Peggy! Love your bedroom in particular. I still think my kitchen is (WAS) uglier. I can't believe your landlord will let you paint it! Looks like you were busy.

Peggy said...

Yes my landlord will let me paint everything except the wood floor! Kim, interested in coming to the US to paint my cupboards?

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!! So bright and airy. And the new hot pink cushions on the chairs… yum!

kim. said...

Frankly, I'd love to come wherever it is you live and paint your cupboards. Anything to get out of this godforsaken city while it's -30 (celsius). I could use a vacation even if it involves painting cupboards.

Peggy said...

-30 celcius? Man. Wonder what that is in farenheit. Today was bone chilling here. The low was around 7, but when you add the wind chill factor in, it feels like -10. Awful. Can't wait for spring.

kim. said...

I can't for spring either. -30 C is apparently -22 F. Looks like I beat ya.

Vineeta said...

Finally! The home tour :) It looks amazing Peggy- Its very zen with dashes of pink & sooo you! I've been seeing your flickr and blog for a while now- so I know. Beautiful! I have HUGE respect for people who can edit and pare down things. I ONLY seem to be adding! U r truly inspiraional!

Peggy said...

Kim - okay since it's warmer here, I guess you have to come and paint my cabinets. :) Thanks for the compliments.

Nicole - thank you so much. Coming from you that means so much! You know I love the way your decorate.

Vineeta - Thank you! And thank you for always being so supportive.

Sas said...

So nice to see your beautiful home Peggy :)

Although you and me have different colour palettes in our homes and a different style, to me the basic feels the same. It is made with love and passion (just like your artwork and your blog :)

Thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed it :))


Peggy said...

Thank you, Sas. I enjoy seeing the details of your home as well.


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