Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Celebration of Orange!

Today the sun peaked into my place! It was glorious, and I felt graced by her presence. It seems I have not seen her beauty in such a long while. I opened the drapes to welcome her. And I honored her by thinking about orange as I cleaned my apartment.

Orange, the color of creativity. It is a color I have only begun to appreciate in the last couple of years. Ironically, it is this small apartment, which inspires so much creativity, that has taught me to love orange. Come celebrate orange with me!

Pillows and pottery. Orange pops so wonderfully against white.

Turquoise and orange form a divine marriage.

An orange tote bag in my office neatly holds files.

Orange glass.

Orange toy.

Orange lantern.

Orange mixes with blue and fushcia beautifully.

Mixing orange and pink paint. Can't wait to get these on a canvas!

My favorite orange vase. Proof that orange and hot pink make a stunning couple.

A couple of my paintings. 2005, 11" x 14", each piece. Acrylic and marker on paper. See more of my paintings, here.

It made me happy thinking of orange today. Stay tuned. I believe orange will be showing up in my paintings in the near future. Hooray for orange!


Jo Walker said...

Peggy I really like where your colour choices are taking you. Your beautiful white apartment is perfect for these colour pops. PS I want your tulip chairs desperately :)

Peggy said...

Thank you, Jo. That means so much coming from you.


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