Sunday, February 24, 2008

A walk on the beach

Today was a good day. I decided to go for a walk in the park. It was not that cold, about 38 degrees Fahrenheit, with very little wind. Seemed warm compared to the weather we have had lately. In just a few short weeks everything will be green. I took my camera with me, and I wanted to click everything I saw. It is amazing to me that even in the most desolate of conditions in nature, the human presence is always evident. I found myself interested in the juxtaposition of nature and detritus. Here are a few of the things I saw.

The frozen lake.
A Danish sculpture. In the summer there will be children climbing all over it.

So much dormant vegetation peaking through the snow. Though this piece seems gentle, this little twig had to be tenacious to have survived in tact the brutal weather we have had.

Strange sticker on a pole. Interesting colors, seems to depict aliens.

Humans feel a need to leave their mark.

Frozen lake. I really wanted to walk on it, but I wasn't brave (or foolish) enough.

There was so much driftwood on the beach. Among the seemingly random driftwood was this deliberately placed bird house. Who put it here, and why? Is it made of driftwood?

The lake was completely still.

I saw many pieces of driftwood that had markings that looked like inscription.

Symbols abound.

I felt the need to leave a message behind.

The driftwood was endlessly fascinating. This one did not seem indigenous. It seemed almost like bamboo, and was completely unique in its shape.

The ubiquitous human detritus.

Tomorrow I start a new chapter in my life, so for today I am very grateful to feel peaceful.


kim. said...

What a sweet post. Very thought-provoking. Now I'm mad at myself for not taking my camera yesterday on my thrifting journey. My sis and I got lost and I could have been shooting out the window the whole time.

thefarmersdaughter said...

what fabulous pics! I am dying to get out to my lake (Lake Michigan) to do driftwood hunting for my art. Not time yet here though.
Great blog -
good work
(I'm theFarmersdaughter on flicker)

Peggy said...

Thanks Kim! I'm sure there will be many more thrifting journeys you can take your camera on! I'd love to see photos of some of the shops you visit.

Lorijo - thank for visiting! I actually intended to take some driftwood with me, but just couldn't decide.

Sas said...

Beautiful post Peggy,

I loved the mood in this post combined with your pics. Very nice and calm :)

Thanks for sharing and good luck with the upcoming changes :))

Warm regards,



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