Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kanye West Rocks Decor!

I haven't been following Apartment Therapy lately. I feel like a heel because AT is the first blog I discovered, and they were the ones that inspired me to blog. The other day I thought I'd check in and am I glad I did! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Kanye West's home! I'm sure the blog world is buzzing about this place, but I just had to get in on the action. Kanye is a cutie, and I prayed for him during his recent tragedy, but I'm not much interested in his music. But hot damn, does he rock decor.
I can feel the love here. Look at that office, creativity must flow liberally from this environment. Wouldn't be hard to work there! Great desk and I adore those Murakami pillows. I included Murakami as one of the most influential artists in my year-end review, here. Wish there was a close-up of those pink toys on the desk.  KAWS vinyl toys maybe?

Here is his den. What a great place to put your feet up. Simple and energetic at the same time. Those Jestons paintings just pop. I love how George's head is too big for the canvas. Kinda matches the ego of his loveable character.
I adore this witty take on Andy Warhol's soup cans. Beautiful mix of fine and rustic with the crystals and the trunk.

Kanye's place pops with art, yet it's not too witty, nor too over-the-top. Great work, Kanye! A fine accomplishment in decor. Just might have to have a second listen to your music. There is a fine creative spirit here.

See the slideshow at Interior Design.

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