Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dig 'em but don't know why

Image from flickr user retromod. I'm not a fan of stuffed animals, but I'd make an exception for this fab octopus.

Now for another episode in the never-ending saga of "dig 'em but don't know why." Sometimes I feel saturated by images, and blogging tends to keep me obsessive. There is never a shortage of beautiful things. Lately, I've been noticing that I am in love with graphic representations of jellyfish, squid, octopi and anemone. I adore artwork that features any of these forms, perhaps it is the organic nature of the art that attracts me.

So - I dig these but I don't know why:

Vase by Guy Michael Davis. Guy's etsy shop is here. Guy is an amazing artist. To see more of his work, check out his blog, here.

Octopus pillow at Sprout Home. I think this would be a cute painting.

Look at this beautiful sushi set by PuTokWagnerCeramics at Etsy (link). Though, off topic, I also adore this sake set. I'd love to have them both!

Groovy hand-painted porcelain by Don & Lola = dolamakes. The love just pops off their pieces. This would make a great valentine. You know, wish I had eight arms to hold you or something like that. See their Etsy shop here, flickr set here, and blog here.

Pulpo by flickr user Plastico Rosa.

Illustration by flickr user Fabian Andrade. I think KidRobot should produce this as a toy.

Illustrator and artist-extraordinaire Nathan Jurevicius' jellyfish from the Scary Girl series. Formerly available at Fugitive Toys. I wish I had ordered this when it was available! Since my obsession with urban toys has the potential to spin out of control, I am limiting my toy collection to pink, so this one would've fit right in.

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