Monday, February 11, 2008

Spring Cleaning

This weekend was too cold to do anything outside, so, I spent a great deal of time spring cleaning. Spring just can't come soon enough! I was highly inspired by Kanye West's minimalist spirit. Though I love objects, I have a minimalist inside of me too, so my intent was to clean, rearrange and then edit ruthlessly.  First I took stock of the three Ps. That is, pottery, pillows and paintings.
Turquoise is a color I have fallen deeply in love with. It looks great with pink.

I picked up my new vinyl pillows from the seamstress! Hooray! They look great. Cost was $18.00 each. Not bad considering the table and the chairs were free.
I make all of the art hanging in my apartment. I really need a studio. And an easel.
It never fails. I took a big bag of stuff to the Salvation Army and when I returned home I found this fab table on the curb! I am so pleased with it. It provides just the right amount of industrial edginess. Plus it elevates my favorite lamp.  So I cleaned, painted, arranged and rearranged and edited. My decor mood is sparse, clean, minimal.

When it comes to decor, I am continually trying to resolve contradictions. I want my apartment to be sparse, yet I always see beautiful new things that I want. I resolve the dilemma by creating negative space for new things. .Here's some things I want for my apartment:

The Grono and Lykta lamps from Ikea. I'd like to use a couple of the Grono lamps to light my pottery shelves. I've said it a million times - I wish Ikea sold online!

Thank goodness for my old standby, CB2. I love the ghost lamp and the luna coffee table. Seems I love lamps as much as I love pottery.

The Parsons desk from West Elm! I would like to have two or three of these beauties for my office. But it just won't happen unless I win the lottery (and get a bigger apartment).

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