Monday, January 21, 2008

The Importance of an Entryway

Entryways are a very important part of the experience of home. Care should be taken to make it aesthetically pleasing. When you walk into your home you should feel embraced by beauty. Clutter just won't do! Who wants to leave chaos and be greeted by chaos?

Last week I wrote about SNL's entryway, here. Since she is infected with the pottery sickness as well, it is only right that she be greeted by lovely geometric forms. She is loving silver lately. She wrote to me asking about the possibility of adding orange to this still life.

I think this is a beautiful arrangement, and while I had a wonderful time searching for something orange to add, I don't really think it needs it. What this arrangement needs is a pop of white. Perhaps some white capis balls to show off the geometry of that gorgeous bowl. The current balls are cute, but are kind of lost.

SNL and I went to trusty Target to hunt for white capis balls. But we settled on apple green ones instead. Aren't these cute? Great pop and shows off the geometry of the bowl.

So I went to work arranging the still life in her entry way.

I added the grey opalescent vase from Thailand and the vintage Haeger spaceship vase. No this won't do. Too much. This is how I tend to decorate. Arrange things and then edit.

SNL has mastered the art of arranging. I often rearrange her pottery, only to return it to the way she had it! We have a lot of fun in the process, though. Nothing is more fun than arranging pottery.

Here's the final result. Oops! I should have switched the two Vietnamese vases on the bottom, so that the taller one is hiding the outlet. Wow. I am really starting to gain deep respect for stylists and photographers.

Oh well, my assistant, Shelly, approved of the arrangement.

What beautiful things greet you when you arrive home? I'd love to hear from you!

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