Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Love Prefab or My Virtual Home

I have a confession to make. I love prefab housing. I've never really liked Elizabethan or Tudor homes, they just aren't relevant to our times. I am a purist when it comes to architecture and prefer that ornate or embellished architecture be reserved for temples or churches. I adore lofts and 50s style ranches. I dream of a simple white house in a pure, geometric shape. All the walls and floors would be white. It would be nestled in trees and have lots of windows.

When I discovered the work of architect Rocio Romero, I flipped. Here is my fantasy home. The LVL. I adore it. It's simple, gorgeous and extremely functional. Look at those windows!

I've been so obsessed with this home, that I've even been thinking about how I would decorate it. Since it is so simple, anything would work, except clutter of course.

Here's a mood board for my new home. Since the walls and floors will be white, I will go with simple, low scale pieces. Lots of white with saturated pops thrown in. It would be so fun to accessorize this simple home with pillows, lamps and pottery. The accessories would sit on the floor, as I would keep the scale low. No high bookcases, no dressers. It would be modern and simple, yet beautiful and romantic.

For the living room.

Chill sectional by Stine Engelbrechtsen at, silk pillows from, Hella Jongerius vase to sit on floor, available at Ikea. Lamp and tea tray from Le Souk. Pouf from Tazi Designs.

For the dining room.
Low Chinese or Japanese table. Like this one from Oriental Furniture. Or the one I wrote about here from JTansu. On the table would be this prosperity bowl from Cheryl Williams available at the Artful Home. I've been meaning to devote a post to Cheryl's work it is so lovely. Around the table would be these floor pillows from Target.

For the bedroom.

Global bedding from Target. Silk lamp from Om Gallery.
One of the bedrooms would be my studio. It would be wonderful to paint with the light from those wonderful windows! I would create very simple paintings.

Now, let's get Jetsons for a minute. Wouldn't it be cool of we could decorate entirely with holograms? With just a touch to our laptop, we could change the color, lighting, accessories and even the furniture of our room. We could change it with ease for every mood, and it would be a snap to move. No more spring cleaning, because we wouldn't need stuff. No more filling the landfills with unwanted stuff. We wouldn't even need physical paint. As for the economy, maybe we could pay a small fee to rent an image. I could see Behr offering holographic walls and color, they already provide a virtual service on their site. I'm really still just thinking this through. But one can dream, right?

Maybe you are having a party tonight and you want to change your room. Individual pieces as well as whole rooms could be available. Maybe designers could rent a holographic room. For example, want to live or throw a party in a room designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz? Just click an image on his site. The possibilities are endless.


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I admit i'm kind of liking them myself, although ive never been in one before. If i sell my homes i think i'd be inclined to purchase a pre fab.....
happy new year!!!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Anonymous said...

I dream of pre-fab too. This is a great house. I also like the idea of hologram decorating, I would kill for a BNO room.


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