Saturday, November 8, 2008

Politics is Art, Art is Politics

I hope my readers will forgive my digression. As a sensitive, artistic soul, I have found it impossible not to be focused on politics of late.

I cannot stress enough that we must help Obama recreate America. He can't do it alone. He needed our votes and now he needs our support.

What does this have to do with art? Well, everything is art, and everything is political. Through this blog, I hope to demonstrate an integrative theory of art and politics. Politics needs the tempering of art, and art needs to be political. Art and politics go hand-in-hand. And how could they not? All things lead to the same path. We are all one. Or as Obama puts it, "Our similarities are greater than our differences."

Make no mistake, this election was not about race. It was about change and optimism. Old boy politics is over. Americans want and need change. And the only way to bring about the change we need is with love and compassion.

Obama's image is already becoming an iconographic representation of optimism and change.

Jenn Ski is one of my favorite artists. I love her illustration of Obama! For more iconographic art, see my previous post here.

Image by Peggy.

A touching moment from the rally in Columbus.

And another. This one says it all, doesn't it? Images from Obama's flickr set (link).


KOISK_101PHIL said...

obama has set a new trend in politics and even let the white dove free. he wants america be the new promised land of God.

Tree House Treats said...

Thank You! Am prompted to say check out - Inauguration Day public sapce art project on the Hill. Seems it would be right up your street, whether or not you can go


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