Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chick Art, Vol. IV

It's time for more Chick Art. Politics has been a huge digression lately, but as we return to optimism, so must we return to art. I have been curating an online show featuring Chick Art, which I have previously defined here. Here are more fine examples. Be sure to check out Vol. I - III. Hope you enjoy!

I adore the illustration of Ali Douglass, so much so, that I had a hard time selecting only a few images.

Junko Mizuno is world famous, so doesn't really need any words. But here's a few anyway. Her images are cute and down right nasty. I've described the yearning that is present in some chick art - none of that is present in Junko's work. Just strength, life, death, feminine power. Junko is obviously channeling Kali. Her work is impossible not to look at. Fans of Junko will know that I've selected rather tame imagery to display. But I dig it all. All I can say to Junko is - You Go Girl!

Image from Gallery Notcot.

I gotta thing for mermaids. And what can be better than a mermaid with blue hair? Junko's is particularly sexy. Image from Viz Media.

And like any hip, self-respecting, world-famous artist, Junko has designed some cool toys. I love her Qee and Dunny. Images from Milk Doll.

This item sold out so quickly on Fugitive Toys. Believe it or not - I was an ebay virgin. I wanted Junko's dunny so badly, I ordered her from ebay. My first ever order on ebay. Guess I should have stayed a virgin, my first transaction with ebay was not a good one. I paid for this item over a month ago (and paid a lot more than the Fugitive Toys' price) and I still have not received it. Oh well, that's a post for another day. I have an outstanding dispute with paypal. Every day I come home from work breathlessly hoping she is waiting at my door. I am still hopeful she will arrive. See the other cool toy I bought from ebay here.

I've already written about Jennifer Davis below. But I just had to feature her new work. Isn't this cute! Geeks have never been so hip. These would make great vinyl toys! Kidrobot, I think you should produce the whole set. Man, wouldn't that be a cool job - to be a talent scout for Kidrobot?

Bell is an artist I discovered on flickr. I've been following her set for a while. I have watched her work evolve and take on an individual style. She never ceases to fascinate me.

Love it, want it, wish I'd painted it.

I adore her custom I, WZL ninja.

She does groovy street art and works on a lot of groovy colabs. She and her boyfriend, Ciah, are artists to watch. I predict rapid rise to fame. Bell, baby, you need a blog.

Yearning is a big part of Chick Art. Lori Early's art defines yearning. In fact, her sublime work makes feminine yearning tangible. Sexy.

Images from Lori's flickr set (link).

Andrea Heimer's work is recognizable due to its popularity. Definitely, influenced by Lichtenstein, Heimer has elevated sad, romantic comic book chicks to an iconographic level. I love seeing her work featured with mid-century decor. Her new work is a bit of a departure from this style and infinitely more complex. Chicks yearning are still present, but the colors are amazing. Beyond technicolor. The forms are rather classic, but reinterpreted with a new philosophy of color. I dig this new direction. I will be eagerly watching her flickr set (link) to see her new works.

Wish I'd painted that!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing about my paintings, what a cool blog you have here! I enjoy your musings and will definitely make it a regular stop from now on. Cheers!!

Andrea Heimer


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