Monday, September 7, 2009

Pottery Procrastination on Etsy

Dear readers, I should be working on a writing assignment, but instead I've been procrastinating by checking out pottery on Etsy. It's official - even though I fought it - I am an Etsy addict. I am seriously considering taking the handmade pledge.

C'mon admit it. You're a pottery junkie too. Well this is your lucky day, I got what you need right here. And there's plenty more available at Etsy, and all reasonably priced. Sit back with a cup of Columbian coffee and enjoy.
I adore Stepanka's new bud vase. And I love her wall pillows. Too fab.

Clockwise from top left: Concrete bowl by Impure Vessels; white vase and red vase (center) by New Moon Studio; three divine porcelain vases with pink lace by Stephanie Kao; graphic tray by ericaraneegreen.

Sage green, pale pink and coral is a color scheme I've been seeing a lot of. I love it. Clockwise starting with bowl at top: candyaustinceramics; ice cream cone by fruitflypie; organic, abstract ceramic birds by also by candyaustinceramics; latte bowl by Kim Westad; pinched tumbler by EmaZuma.

I want every one of these! Clockwise from top left: carved bowl by Mary Everett; hand-built porcelain vase by Lyn Swan; concrete bowl by Impure Vessels; Mod cup and footed vase by Josh Harmony! I am insanely in love Josh's work. I could see my bookcase filled with his work only. Hmmm. Is monogomy possible when it comes to pottery?
Tea pot and honey bowl by Utilemud.

Thought I'd throw some saturation in for good measure. Check out the funky vessels of clayswan.

These groovy organic vessels by Michiko Shimada are a steal, since they are seconds. Seconds usually look just fine to me!
I love supporting artists on the internet. And artists need to know when they are being supported. If you click and buy one of these vases, please mention this blog. Thanks for reading!

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