Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Apartment - More Process

Dear readers, my apartment has been undergoing a transformation. I've been filling it with color, but also trying to open it up and streamline.

Just a few weeks ago I was in the mood for white. I still swoon when I see all white places. I love covering my sofas in sheets, It makes for very comfortable lounging. I hope my place is Bohemian, and welcoming. Friends are not afraid to put their feet up.

Using more color than ever before! And love the green! How surprising.

Though a great idea, I grew tired of the room divider. I wanted to open the space up, and I didn't want so many things in this area. I've always loved bedrooms with just a bed in it.
This is the bedding my mom bought. Thanks mom! I like making my bed casually, again so friends feel welcome to lounge.

I'm contemplating mosquito netting, and a chandelier. Image from


My papers are organized, but I don't like looking at all that stuff!

Look what I found Saturday at a garage sale! The guy gave it to me for $5.00. I guess my anti-Ikea vow is over. This piece is a marvel in balanced design. I've been wanting airier shelving for a while.

I couldn't help styling it with some of my vases. A wall of two or three of these shelves would be cute.


Much more streamlined. Since I live in a studio apartment, I am very cognizant of seeing everything all at once. It's a great exercise in discipline.

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