Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Apartment - For Today

Dear readers, here are a few glimpses of the current incarnation of my apartment. The whole boring process of how it came together is documented in the posts below. Not bad for having no money to spend.

A few of my favorite pieces of pottery are displayed in my living area. A number of pieces are in the closet. I'm craving open, uncluttered space. And yes, that is the cantee vase from Chiasso, that I wrote about below. SNL bought it for my birthday!

Dining area.

Dining area and work area.

Sleeping area. To the left of this is the kitchen. I'd like to hang curtains to hide the kitchen. And I'd like to totally glam this area. Pale pink pillows, a chandelier and maybe a mosquito net.

Today a dear friend asked me if I have OCD. I told him that OCD is a requirement for blogging.


Jessie said...

Hey Peggy. I was just looking at your photo where you took out the room divider. Did you keep it? I thought it might be neat behind the bed with some of vases and stuff displayed in it. Kinda use it as a headboard. I saw this done somewhere,....probably in a IKEA display or something. lol May look stupid, I don't know, just thought something would look good behind the bed. :)


Peggy said...

Hi Jess! I actually thought of using it as a headboard, and still may. I turned it on its side and it actually ended up being just about the right size. I'll have to photograph it.

I'd like to get a collection of chandeliers to put on it. Do you remember seeing a black, acrylic chandelier with beads? Can't remember where I saw it.

Jessie said...

I would look on Target, Urban outfitters and walmarts websites. I will keep my eyes open!!! :)


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