Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thinking about Green

I've been thinking about green a lot lately. Green is kind of an enigma for me. While I adore it in nature, I don't like it much in decor. However, as my readers know, I used to feel that way about orange, and now orange is one of my favorites. I even wrote to Kim and Jo at Desire to Inspire, and they were kind enough to feature some beautiful green rooms.

I adore apple green. Image from flicker user somethingtosee. And chartruese is one of my favorite colors (see previous posts here and here).

I adore mint green. I want this sofa at my favorite vintage store.

I am not that fond of forest green. Although this piece of vintage Blenko is so fab, it would look great in any color.

Green looks great with blue. I love these pale green and blue vases together.

I adore Jadite. I saw this piece at the Salvation Army about a year ago. Wish I had bought it.

The Paton S chair looks super fab in apple green. But this chair is so cool, it would look great in any color. Image from Vita Classica.

Labels and logos are a constant source of inspiration to me. I noticed the beautiful green of the Arizona Tea bottle the other day.

And the beautiful green and blue on this Starbucks label. I seem to be drawn to apple green, mint green and chartruese.

I saw this cutie in a window the other day.

Even though I seem not to be attracted to pure green or forest green, I noticed this wastebasket at the movie theatre. Hmm. Looks pretty good with purple.

I received a gift in a forest green bag with purple tissue paper. Confirming that these colors look great together.

I adore the combination of the green sofa and lamp with the purple pillows and rug in this picture. (Although that coffee table has to go.) Image Liz McKenzie via Design Milk.

I adore the coffee table and glass vases in this picture. Green looks great with red and healthy doses of white. Image from Elle Deco via Desire to Inspire.

I must admit green makes a great accent wall, and like any accent wall, looks great with white trim.

I adore this lamp and painting. Above two images from Peter Murdoch via Desire to Inspire.

This is one of the finest uses of green I've seen. I adore the pure green tempered by chartruese and I love those white floors. Image Elle Deco via Desire to Inspire.

Green looks great in the kitchen, and like any bold color needs large amounts of white to balance it. I adore the way the white pieces on these shelves pop against the green. Image from flickr user The Sugar Monster.

Okay. It's official. I'm a convert - this picture has convinced me that I love green. What a gorgeous use of green and blue. Just look at those lush fabrics. Think I'll go take a nap, after drinking a cup of green tea. Image from flickr user Jenn44.
I predict we will be seeing a lot of green in decor this fall.

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