Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'd like to meet...

Did you watch Season 10 of Project Runway?  So glad Project Runway picks up when Design Star is over.  And thank goodness, Project Runway All Stars picks up when Project Runway is over.  I'm addicted.  Just a few words about Project Runway.  I really feel for the designers, I understand their passion for their art and why they cry.  In fact, I often cry when designers are eliminated.  However, it's not necessary to put them under so much time pressure and stress.  Give them more time, it's TV after all, it can be edited.  And stop filming the drama.  I am not at all interested (and I am sure many other viewers feel the same way) in the drama.  I am interested in design.  So producers, allow the designers to shine.

This season I was rooting for Christopher Palu early on.  Christopher makes beautiful clothes, and has a skill with manipulating fabric that is enviable.  Then I started getting confused because I fell in love with Dmitry Sholokhov's perfect tailoring.  I particularly love this dress designed by Dmitry in episode three.

Back to Fabio.  When it came to the final episode, Fabio surprised me, and I started rooting for him.  As you can see, Fabio is just fabulous.  (sorry, had to do it).  He is super cute, and always looks amazing.  Dig that rock necklace.  I may have to steal that idea.  Fabio was a joy to watch.  He was always kind, soft spoken and a real gentleman.  And it was fun to watch his growth during the season.  I have no doubt Fabio will go far.

I don't always understand runway fashion, other than how it differs from pageant fashion.  That said, I always love it nonetheless.  To me it's like painting, and the models are the canvas.  Seldom do I look at something on the runway and think, I'd like to wear that.  However, I could see myself wearing many of Fabio's looks in the final runway.  

In the final challenge, Fabio really found his voice.  It was amazing to watch his evolution.  Of the four designers, Fabio was the only one who went with soft colors.  No longer was I rooting for Christopher or Dmitry (even though I love both of them), I wanted Fabio to win!  His stunning collection is perfect for the modern woman, who wants to feel sexy and a little edgy too.  The gossamer fabrics and the surprising pale colors combined with the clunky shoes were the perfect combination of soft and hard.   

I need those shoes!  I adore how he used different colored laces, and tied the shoes in various ways.

I adore that beautiful blue fabric.  Fabio created his own patterns, intentionally making them look like watercolors.  The effect is soft and ethereal.  
I love how the clothes are layered and flowy.  They are the perfect combination of comfort and luxury.   I would love to see Fabio design the costumes for a film.  Hmm.  Possibly a film about angels.  German style.  Wim Wenders should direct.  Since Fabio is so cute, he should make an appearance in the film.

Fabio made the necklaces and purses too.  I need that necklace.

I'd like to design a room, or paint a canvas inspired by these looks.  Congratulations on a great show Fabio!

All images via Zimbio.

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