Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Color Inspiration: Pink and Gray

Dear readers, as you know I'm obsessing about decorating a new apartment. I know I want to include gray in my color scheme, I'll probably do an accent wall. And of course, I wants lots of pink. That goes without say. Here's some more pictures from my inspiration folder. Hope you enjoy.I'd love to have a hot pink sofa! I love this image. I've been seeing a lot of sofas photographed in urban settings lately, and I think it's really cool. This makes me want to do a graffiti-inspired painting. For more images of sofas against gritty walls, click here.

Though not my style, I can totally appreciate these rooms. I'm not a fan of toile, paint by numbers or cluttered groupings of small paintings. The rooms are too shabby chic for my taste, yet I can't deny that they work. Love the pink lamp shade and the hot pink chair against the pale gray walls. I'd love to see something edgy or masculine added to the room. Maybe a black standing lamp. Kirsten Voortman via designspongeshop.

Love these hot pink walls! Especially love the walls paired with the blue chandelier. Gillian Colors Her World, featured in post below.

Wow. This may be the best Bohemian chic room I've seen. Love the masculine look of the gray Chesterfield juxtaposed with the pink pillows. Love the gray walls. Love the paintings. Image flickr user Live Bohemian.

This photo is so sublime. I'd love to make a wall mural out of it. Claude Gourlay.

Love the pink and gray walls! I'm definitely going to be doing a gray accent wall. Julie's Cozy & Vibrant via Apartment Therapy.

This is the home the designers stayed in for this season of Design Star. Love it. Although I'd have to add some pink, of course. Cute graphic painting.

I can even imagine doing an all gray room. I love this room, but I had to crop out the animal skin rug. Let's face it, they're just gross. Love the sofa, love the art. Image via Decor8.


Unknown said...

Yeeeesssssss! Found at last! Dear Peggy, I've been searching your entire blog to get to that Boho Chic living room! Saw it at http://betterdecoratingbible.com/ but no links to the original post! Thanks so much for adding a link to Tracy's Flickr!!! By te way, I love your feminine mid-century approach in your living room! A huge hug and it's been a pleasure marauding around your blog! XoXo

Peggy said...

Hi Macarena! Thanks so much for visiting and thanks for the compliment! I hope you will visit often. I will try to keep the inspiration coming.


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