Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Inspiration: Pale Gray and White

Dear readers, I am currently looking for a new apartment and am so excited about decorating! I can barely think about anything else. Since gray is one of my new favorite colors, I'm sure I will be including it. Here are some pictures from my inspiration folder. They may look like they are white rooms, but they are actually done in subtle shades of gray. Gray is such a mysterious, romantic and calming color. Hope you enjoy!

Of course, I would need to add some pink to this room, maybe by swapping the drapes, the artwork or adding pillows. However, I love the simplicity of this room. The pale gray walls fit nicely in this room. Nicole & Aaron's Illusion of Space via Apartment Therapy.

Beautiful metallic pillows and I love how the large painting anchors the room. Michael Moeller via HGTV.

My fantasy is a loft apartment. I definitely want an open floor plan. I love how Gillian hung curtains around her bed. I may be using this idea. Gillian Colors Her World via Apartment Therapy.

I adore the lighted canvas. I've always wanted to make one. Image via Ellen Silverman.

This room is so stunning (of course I would edit the animal skin rug). This room's juxtapositions are nothing short of amazing. The sofa is masculine looking, but the room reads as feminine. The room is simple, yet cozy.

I love a simple bedroom. Also love low scale. Above two images via designspongeshop.

Love the simplicity of this room. Love the shelves dividing the room. Love the large painting. Image via Brian Elston.

Love the pink chair and foot rest! FMD Architects.

Peter Margonelli via Desire to Inspire. The sublime beauty of these rooms renders me utterly speechless.
Love the built-ins. Image via Decor8.

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