Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's strange. For someone so obsessed with decor, I haven't been thinking of decor lately. Maybe it's because Spring has finally arrived and my thoughts are turning more towards the outdoors. That said, I am still completely obsessed with orange. I've written about orange a number of times. (See previous posts here and here.) I can't seem to get enough of it. And I think it's contagious.

My favorite color combination is orange with hot pink and, of course, tons of white.

My dining room. With orange vase that I recently sold. Oh dear, I may regret selling that vase. Oh well. Still have the digital image of it, which takes up a lot less room.

The Mizrahi bedding at Target proves that orange and pink look great together.

Orange also looks great with purple.

Above two images from Dig that sofa! I want a purple sofa. Of course then I'd have to have these vases from Kenneth Wingard.

Two of my favorite things. Pottery and pillows.

Image from my apartment. Any bold color needs large does of white to balance it. Not convinced you love orange? Here are more images.

Orange looks great with blue and with turquoise. All images by Peggy. Remember the next time you are feeling blue - think orange!

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casapinka said...

i love how your bookcase looks. what a good case for orange you make!


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