Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Never-Ending Saga of Stuff

It's a little passe to say that a lot has been going on in my life. Everyone I talk to says the same thing. Life is complex and lessons accelerated. In the blogosphere, you can tell how busy a person is just by the frequency of their blogs. And usually when they are taking a break, something profound is happening.

So I've been spring cleaning because I may be moving. I've said many times, I'm not anti-stuff, I love reading people's blogs and seeing what stuff they like and what they bought. I adore watching people adorn their homes. But I just feel like I don't want much stuff. I've been purging and purging. And still there is so much stuff. One thing I know about stuff - there is always plenty of it. I don't fear getting rid of it, it comes back. I am continually facing the question of how much stuff I need and I have come to a conclusion. Not much.
Here are some things I sold.

Sold. I adore the white vintage Italian bowl. I hope its new owner will love it as much. The bowl to its right is made of banana leaves and is also vintage.

Sold. I will probably regret selling that orange vase. I adore it. Oh well, at least I still have its image. Takes up a lot less room.

Sold. I actually made a profit on this lamp! I had been intending to make the shade into a hanging lamp but had to face facts. I never will. I decided to get rid of all those projects that I have been procrastinating about. So freeing.

Sold Oh my. I love those pink salad forks. Ce la vie.

Sold. Vintage pillows. The white pillow is vinyl.

On the fence. Thinking of selling my pink Mikasa tea set. Not sure.

Tempting. How sick is this? I am selling stuff and at the same time looking at stuff! I love this bowl. But didn't buy, even though it was only $5.99.

Tempting. Saw this lamp at Ten Thousand Villages. Love it. But didn't buy.

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