Saturday, May 31, 2008


Image from Apartment Therapy Color Contest. See previous post here.

Today yellow is on my mind. Yellow is a color I have previously written about. (See previous posts, here and here.) Like orange, yellow is a color I have grown to love. Although, I still have not added yellow to my decor. Every home should have a small amount of yellow for good feng shui, and I have been experimenting with yellow paint. To me yellow is the color of happiness, and a little goes a long way. Here are some inspirational, happy, yellow images. Hope you enjoy!

From the new West Elm catalog. Like any bright color, yellow needs lots of white to balance it. I love the colors of that pillow.

Yellow, grey and white look great together. Image from flickr user cAKE$.

Dig this needlepoint pillow I photographed at a local vintage store! Kim, I think you need this. And speaking of Kim's place, have you seen her groovy yellow door and yellow chair? It is totally fun watching Kim's place evolve, better than any reality show. I am so envious of that white floor!

See more of Kim's home at Desire to Inspire or her flickr set.

Dig this yellow chair from flickr user Beatnic. I love how even the base is yellow! I might steal this idea.

I think this lamp from Target is cute, but I think it would rock if the base were spray painted yellow like Beatnic's chair.

Yellow teapots I photographed at a local vintage store.

GG, here's one for you. A yellow DS! Image from flickr user WooDrew.

I adore when ordinary objects become art.

Image from flickr user bitsandbobbins.

Image from flickr user Jeana Sohn.

I'm beginning to love primary colors. Image from flickr user Werner Schnell.

These canvases are fascinating! I intend to devote an entire post to this style of painting, so I won't say too much at this point. Image from flickr user .michael.newman.

Love this watercolor by Etsy user artworm.

I've been seeing lots of cute yellow fashions. Doesn't this yellow dress look cute with those orange beads? Photographed by me at a local vintage store.

Love this design by Marimekko. I often get clues for color schemes for rooms from fashion. This would translate to a gorgeous room. Pink, orange and a small amount of yellow.

And this cute dress from Marimekko proves that yellow and purple look great together. Both dresses can be seen at Saga Living.

I adore these shoes from flickr user jennbastin143. Wouldn't even matter that I would need a wheelchair if I wore these. No one would notice they'd be so riveted by these hot shoes.

Here's my first experiment painting with all primary colors. It's acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24". I will probably add more paint to it.

Feeling blue? Think about yellow! Add a piece of yellow to your home, it is sure to make you smile.


kim. said...

Thanks for the plug! And OMG that pillow is a hoot!

Making it Lovely said...

Oh! That pink and orange dress with the yellow shoes… totally my living room! :)

Jessie said...

I love yellow right now!!!!! Actually,... always. lol


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